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NBC Throws a Changeup

NBC is going to be straying from its usual fall slate and is offering a programming schedule that will change with the seasons. [NYP]
• Could the United States block Rupert Murdoch from acquiring Newsday? [WSJ]
• Reporters flee from The Wall Street Journal into jobs other than journalism. [Mixed Media/Portfolio]

• You know things are bad on Wall Street when Goldman Sachs traders have to buy their own beverages, and car services for employees who work late are being eliminated. [NYP]
• “This is a potential ‘lemons’ market in which lemons can be manufactured at will, and the lemons look good for a long time before their true nature is revealed.” No, we’re not talking about cars. We’re talking about hedge-fund managers. [WSJ]

• The Borat lawsuit, which alleged that Sacha Baron Cohen accosted a man in midtown, has been dismissed. Bummer. We were really hoping to see that one argued in front of a jury. [City Room/NYT]
• A man is suing the Intrepid Sea, Air and Space Museum, which is docked in the Hudson, claiming that it lost several of his World War II–ear photographs, including a shot of the Iwo Jima flag raising. [NYT]
• New York lawyers descend upon New Orleans as the Tulane Law conference kicks into gear. [WSJ]

Brooke Shields looks to buy a townhouse on 10th Street for $5.6 million. [NYP]
• Is this Brooklyn’s version of the Palazzo Chupi? [Curbed]
• Genius! A new Website lets you rate your real-estate broker. [NY Rent Club]

NBC Throws a Changeup