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Okay, Okay, We Get It: You’re Offended by Miley Cyrus

• Is Miley Cyrus’s Vanity Fair spread going to ruin her Disney franchise? [NYT]
• Over at Elle, Nina Garcia’s old assistants have been promoted to market editor and fashion bookings editor. [WWD]
Wall Street Journal publisher Robert Thompson is a “mystery man.” [NYT]

• Bear Stearns board member Alan Greenberg is going to distribute $360,000 among the bank’s mailroom and clerical employees. [DealBook/NYT]
• Ben Stein wonders how Wall Street got itself into such a mess. [NYT]
• In light of the housing crisis that cost Citi $40 billion, Robert Rubin, who has a reputation for being a “master or the markets,” might be stepping down from the firm. [NYT]

• The Sean Bell verdict proves that trial by jury is not always the best option since emotions can get involved in decision-making. [NYT]
• Bivona & Cohen has filed a countersuit against a secretary who is suing the New York firm for $9 million, alleging rape and sexual-harassment charges. The firm is claiming that the secretary gave her boss a consensual lap dance prior to any other … er … activities. []

• Kevin Spacey cut the price on his Tribeca duplex to $4.67 million. [NYP]
• Blackstone makes its first entrée into Indian real estate. [FT]
• The latest revamped section of the Hudson River Park is set to open next month just in time for prime tanning season. [NYP]

Okay, Okay, We Get It: You’re Offended by Miley Cyrus