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Patricia Lancaster, New York Buildings Commissioner, Resigns

After a morning of close scrutiny in the press, and speculation that she might get axed, New York Buildings Commissioner Patricia Lancaster announced her resignation a short time ago. At about 12:10 p.m., the mayor’s office sent out a press release announcing that Bloomberg had accepted Lancaster’s resignation.

Statement from Bloomberg: Over the past six years, Patricia has moved the Department of Buildings a long way forward by fighting corruption, strengthening inspections and oversight, increasing the public’s access to information, and bringing increased levels of professionalism and integrity to all levels of her agency. Patricia led a comprehensive overhaul of the City’s byzantine building code, the first in 40 years, which will make the construction of homes, schools, stores and offices in New York City safer, more affordable, and more environmentally friendly for years to come.

Left out, of course, is the fact that the deadly crane collapse on East 51st Street last month could have been avoided if the developer had been forced to comply with zoning regulations, and that critics accuse her of being too easy on developers in general. After the jump, what Lancaster had to say about the good she did manage to achieve during her six-year tenure.

Statement from Lancaster: “After six years in public service, I made this decision because I felt it was time to return to the private sector. I am proud of the groundbreaking work the department has done during my tenure to root out corruption, increase transparency, overhaul the building code, and increase safety for workers and the public alike.”

Bloomberg’s Embattled Buildings Chief Resigns [City Room/NYT]
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Patricia Lancaster, New York Buildings Commissioner, Resigns