P. Diddy’s Feet Are a Hot Mess


Photo: Getty Images

Sean Combs stepped on a piece of glass and had to get five stitches. Also, last year he had bunions. Shia LaBeouf got shot down by the ladies of the Beatrice Inn. Playboy is trying to put together a “Girls of Olive Garden” spread.

An actress named Susan Malick is suing a film-production company because she invested a lot of money in an Anthony Hopkins flick and hasn’t been paid back yet. Harrison Ford says he got his ear pierced after he got drunk with Ed Bradley and Jimmy Buffet. Kim Kardashian got back at Paris Hilton for calling her fat by trying to convince a clothing company not to give her any more free stuff. Elisabeth Hasselbeck is a fan of eighties hair band Poison. Naomi Campbell made nice with the police officers who arrested her at Heathrow Airport. Jennifer Esposito hung out with a bunch of male models at Bungalow 8 at her 35th-birthday party. Paris Hilton wants to have a joint wedding with Nicole Richie so she can sell the photos for a lot of money. Orlando Bloom had lunch at Serafina on East 61st Street with a pretty brunette. Forty-four-year-old Marla Maples made out with her 31-year-old boyfriend, The Bachelor star Andy Baldwin. Gwyneth Paltrow only agreed to do Iron Man after Robert Downey Jr. signed on. A new book about Chris Farley contends that he was totally crazy and desperate to be liked. Painter Ross Bleckner is writing a book based on journals he kept.

P. Diddy’s Feet Are a Hot Mess