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‘People’ Does Not Hate Alex McCord Because She Is Naked


Photo: Courtesy of NBC

Last night on the red carpet at the Condé Nast Traveler Hot List party at Mansion, People ran into Real Housewife Alex McCord and, as is their way, diplomatically gave her a chance to defend the approximately 700,000 pictures of her in various stages of underdress that have recently appeared on the Internet. Kansas-born Alex was, naturally, very European about it. “I’m one of a billion people out there who has nude photos of themselves,” she told the magazine dismissively. “So what.”

Normally, you’d think the usually mild-mannered magazine would have slapped a headline on the post saying “Real Housewife Proud of Nudie Pics” and called it a day. But reporter Jeff Slonim was not content to end things there. No, he’s apparently been watching their Real Housewives very closely, and he’s about had it with Alex McCord and her European airs.

It’s that non-apologetic attitude — and the couple’s social airs (on the show, the couple insist their son Francois order his lemonade in French at a French restaurant … in Brooklyn, New York) — that seems to rankle viewers about the pair.

Take that, missy! You will never order lemonade in this town again.

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‘People’ Does Not Hate Alex McCord Because She Is Naked