Peter Davis Undaunted by ‘Page Six’ Scrutiny

Peter Davis Facebook

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After this morning’s “Page Six” item about writer/man-about-town Peter Davis’s Internet bid to win the Observer’s “Socialite Slapdown,” we decided to look into the whole issue. We had, as the Post predicted, never heard of the online competition. But having looked it over, we find it hilarious. It’s basically a March Madness of New York’s pretty, wealthy, underemployed people. As you can see from the image at left, Peter Davis is still using the power of Facebook to reach out to his 2,525 friends (that’s right) to try to influence voting. He already successfully beat out Ivanka Trump, who really should have been able to walk away with the whole thing. Now he’s facing off against Tory Burch, and losing. In another end of the bracket (the “Brio” category, as in, people who have sneaked into society using style and enthusiasm rather than actual money or heritage), two other prominent gays are facing off: Fabian Basabe and Derek Blasberg. We love it! It’s like Becky Sharp vs. Lily Bart, but with fruits! And the best part of all, is that the Observer is using a Daily Intel–coined term to describe all of them. ‘Mocialites, your day has come!

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Peter Davis Undaunted by ‘Page Six’ Scrutiny