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Baby’s First Brazilian

Between the gourmet cooking lessons, the art collecting, the financial advising, and the jobs in marketing, we thought New York parents were more adept than anyone at turning their kids into mini-adults. But then out of the Sixth Borough comes this cautionary tale:

Melanie Engle was trying to just pluck the stray hairs here and there. She was trying to deliver an age-appropriate eyebrow wax to her client. It was hard, though, because there was a foot tapping next to her, and a voice shouting in her ear: “No! Not like that — like a supermodel’s. I want them arched.

After years in the beauty biz, Engle had seen her share of crazy ladies demanding perfect, Glamour-cover-worthy brows. But this Crazy Lady wasn’t talking about her own brows. The brows in question belonged to Crazy Lady’s daughter. Who was eight.

We’re disturbed by this in two ways: (1) This is obviously sick, these people should be condemned as lousy parents, and Social Services should get straight on their asses; and (2) New York can beat this, right? Surely everyone at Chapin started getting waxed when they were at least 7, right?

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Baby’s First Brazilian