Ramona the Pest


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NBC honcho Jeff Zucker is annoyed that Harvey Weinstein is moving Project Runway from NBC-owned Bravo to Lifetime, especially since Harvey once told Zucker that he was one of his five best friends. Nicole Kidman wants Tom Cruise to stop making their adopted kids little Scientologists. Lindsay Lohan is no longer speaking to her dad because he is crazy and a liar. Ivana Trump and Rossano Rubicondi had to borrow money from someone in line at the Palm Beach city hall in order to pay for their wedding license. The cast of Real Housewives got into a bunch of shouting matches during a taping of a reunion special airing next week, with Ramona even storming off set after being asked why she didn’t invite Jill to that dinner party.

Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag are trying to convince MTV to give them their own reality show, and MTV seems to be biting. Google founder Sergey Brin and wife Anne Wojcicki are expecting their first child. Former JFK aide Ted Sorensen has a new memoir out in which he says Kennedy had a bunch of affairs, maybe even one with Audrey Hepburn. Dita Von Teese says her secret to looking good is staying out of the sun. Brett Ratner is dating Die Hard 3 actress Maggie Q. Messengers are afraid to go to the Nylon-magazine office on Greene Street because of the “crazy barking dogs” inside. “Page Six” says that if Nina Garcia leaves Elle, she will definitely be off Project Runway. Posh Spice and David Beckham hired a PR firm to round up swag for fancy gift bags to give to guests at their joint birthday party this weekend at their L.A. home. Elite is suing Next Models for improperly poaching a bunch of their models. Judah Friedlander says he makes the trucker hats he wears on 30 Rock from scratch. Sarah Jessica Parker took the 1 train uptown. Gillian Anderson says that the cast of the forthcoming X-Files sequel wasn’t even given a copy of the script in order to ensure that details weren’t leaked. Kate Hudson was given a birthday cake in the shape of a “woman/snake/lizard kneeling,” which she didn’t much appreciate. Jennifer Aniston will be the guest on the season finale of Oprah’s Big Give. Freddie Prinze Jr. doesn’t fight girls because they hit too hard.

Ramona the Pest