Robin Williams Bounces Back Quickly

Robin Williams

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Avril Lavigne wants to edit a “positive” celebrity tabloid. Robin Williams, whose wife of nineteen years filed for divorce last week, is now dating a 27-year-old Connecticut artist. Recent Fordham grad Amanda Hearst is going to Madrid to work at Cosmopolitan en Espanol. Michael Lohan is starring in a movie about suburbanites behaving badly, but you have to go to Huntington, Long Island, to see it.

Harvey Weinstein has been traveling around Southeast Asia scouting locations for his movie Shanghai because the Chinese government won’t let him film the movie there. Jane Fonda showed up at the after-party for Smart Money with new boyfriend Lynden Gillis, whom she met when he asked her for her autograph at a book signing. Us Weekly editor Janice Min’s zoologist father used to bring Min animals home before taking them back to the lab for dissection. Porn star Mary Carey made out with a Philadelphia 76er at Angels and Kings. Karl Rove calls Barack Obama “arrogant” in the latest issue of GQ. Russian billionaire Leonid Rozhetskin, who produced Sundance hit Hamlet 2 with Eric Eisner, is believed to have been murdered in Latvia because he was critical of Vladimir Putin. John Legend allegedly told a dinner companion of Scarlett Johansson’s album of Tom Waits covers, “Her voice doesn’t match her face.” Jimmy Kimmel says that Andy Dick has been the drunkest guest he’s ever had on his show. Clive Davis threw his latest pop star, Leona Lewis, a birthday party at River Café in Brooklyn. Sarah Jessica Parker says it’s only a matter of time before the outer boroughs have their own Sex and the City. Robert De Niro’s Greenwich Hotel, where a suite will set you back $1,350 soft-launched yesterday. Drew Barrymore took shots of Playboy Bunnies at a Playboy lingerie party. A new book claims that starlets today should all act like Audrey Hepburn. Another new book recalls how both Chevy Chase and David Spade tried to give Chris Farley tough love to get him to get his rear in gear. Alex Rodriguez and Gerry Cardinale, the Goldman Sachs banker who helped negotiate his contract, had lunch at Da Silvano.

Robin Williams Bounces Back Quickly