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Roger Clemens’s Icky Affair

Brooke Astor

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Roger Clemens has more trouble on his hands. The Daily News today blows the lid off a ten-year affair that the former Yankee pitcher allegedly had with a country singer. He met the performer, Mindy McCready, when he was 28 (already the married father of two) and she was 15, at a karaoke bar. They reportedly embarked upon an affair that involved lavish trips, flights on private jets, and frequent cash gifts. Clemens denies the affair but acknowledges a long-term friendship with the blonde star. The News goes to extreme length laying out their case that the affair will punch holes in Clemens’s lawsuit against former trainer Brian McNamee. Clemens is suing for defamation, and experts say that the affair revelations may tarnish his reputation enough to make the pitcher’s claim against McNamee meaningless. So basically, the Daily News just saved Brian McNamee a whole bunch of money. Thanks, guys! But really, did you have to spend so much of your coverage to the whole lawsuit thing? Because we wanted to get back to the part where the country singer was 15 when she started dating Roger Clemens. There wasn’t even one sentence about the implications of that little tidbit. Who cares about a former pitcher with a failed lawsuit, when we could have a pitcher with a statutory-rape trial on our hands?

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Roger Clemens’s Icky Affair