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Santana Will Not Stop Loving Eliot Spitzer, Despite His Evil Ways


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Ever since Eliot Spitzer announced that he’d been sleeping with dirty, sleazy hookers and resigned from office, we’ve been so preoccupied with worrying about how his wife, Silda Wall Spitzer, and their children must feel, that we’ve overlooked our own feelings of anger, hurt, and betrayal about the whole situation. (We know, we’re really admirably selfless.) But today’s Times, which reports that Spitzer and his wife are in couple’s counseling, made us realize that we should all be getting some help — or at least, taking a little “us” time, to look inside ourselves, work out our feelings, and learn to forgive. And thank goodness, as we begin the healing process, there is one man that we can all hold aloft as an exemplar of self-actualization. That man is Carlos Santana. “My thoughts go out to the ex-governor,” the sage musician said last week at his concert in Albany. “I pray for forgiveness … It’s all about healing. Not blaming or judging. It’s about healing. It could happen to you and it will, because we are all human … Don’t be pointing fingers. Because when you do, four come back pointing at you.” Too true. Never point fingers. But then, what would we do all day? This might take a lot more therapy than we thought…

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Santana Will Not Stop Loving Eliot Spitzer, Despite His Evil Ways