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New ‘Sex and the City’ Tour Will Stimulate Economy, Foreigners


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With the dollar at an all-time low, New York is basically becoming an apocalyptical theme park for foreigners, and four entire years after the show went off the air, one of their favorite rides is still the old, creaky Sex and the City tour. But the old tour wasn’t quite nice enough for travelers from Dubai and Singapore, who come here not to ride buses around and chew on cupcakes, but to luxuriate in our fallow economy whilst tittering at our misfortune. And so a company called Destination on Location has upped the ante. They’re offering a private tour, in which a group of seven to eight women will pay $24,000 to fly to New York by private jet; stay at the Plaza Athenee or, the Website says, “if you prefer hip and cool,” the Alex Hotel; and do “everything Samantha, Charlotte, Miranda and Carrie would do,” including visit Socialista, Bungalow 8, Pink Elephant, and Cafeteria. And for an extra fee, out-of-work actors who look like fatter, uglier versions of Chris Noth and the guy who played Skippy will have bad sex with the travelers and then emotionally abuse them.*

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*No, just kidding we made that up. But it’s not a bad idea!

New ‘Sex and the City’ Tour Will Stimulate Economy, Foreigners