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Sheldon Silver and State Assembly Kill Congestion Pricing

Sheldon Silver Mayor Bloomberg

Photo Illustration: Everett Bogue; Photos: Getty Images

Sheldon Silver and the Democratic majority of the State Assembly torpedoed Mayor Bloomberg’s congestion-pricing plan today, just before the final approval deadline to earn $354 million in federal funding. The plan, which passed through New York’s City Council last week, was never put to a public vote — so constituents who are either for or against the issue will never know where their representatives officially stood. This is probably good for the many ones who are up for election again next year, according to the Observer, like John Sabini, Marty Connor, Kevin Parker, Frank Padavan, and Serph Maltese. But some, like Assemblyman Ruben Diaz from the Bronx, at least, didn’t hide their opinion: Diaz called the mayor’s plan “morally reprehensible and unconscionable” in a press release sent out wide this afternoon. Elsewhere today, Deputy Mayor Kevin Sheekey, stopped short of threatening retribution to those who blocked the plan — but not by much: “The mayor has always said that he will help those who help the city,” Sheekey said, according to the Daily News. “If there are people out there who aren’t helping New York City, I suppose they should fear.” We’re not sure what Sheekey means Sheldon Silver should be afraid of, but we’re kind of hoping it involves the scenario pictured above.

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Sheldon Silver and State Assembly Kill Congestion Pricing