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Should Bear CEO Alan Schwartz Join the Other Team?


Photo illustration: Everett Bogue; Photos: Getty Images, iStockphoto

It sounds like former Bear Stearns CEO Alan D. Schwartz is facing a very tough decision! Jamie Dimon, the overlord of JPMorgan, which, as you may recall, recently purchased Bear for a few lumps of metal and a pile of arrowheads, has reportedly offered him a nonexecutive, deal-making job and the title of vice-chairman. If he takes it, he would be part of a crackerjack team of Wall Street winners, and he’ll be able to keep his three houses! But he may losing the respect and loyalty of the scrappy Bear Stearns team and face a power struggle with JPMorgan’s incumbent deal-maker Jimmy Lee. As we see it, Schwartz’s problem almost exactly mirrors the struggles of Torrance Shipman, the head cheerleader in the seminal movie Bring It On. Should she proceed with using ill-gotten cheers that she knows will take her to the national championships? Or should she opt for the harder and ultimately more rewarding route of creating something out of nothing? The answer, Mr. Schwartz, can be found at your local Blockbuster.

Dimon Says May the Schwartz Be With Us [NYP]

Should Bear CEO Alan Schwartz Join the Other Team?