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Smoker Falls Four Stories, Lives to Destroy Lungs Another Day

Here’s an anti-smoking PSA for you. A woman smoking a cigarette out of a window in midtown at 4 a.m. on Saturday lost her balance and fell four stories. But here’s the thing: She survived! The 34-year-old woman is listed in stable condition at St. Vincent’s Hospital. The New York Daily News reports:

FDNY officials said the woman fell into a narrow alleyway between two buildings and was conscious when emergency medical technicians arrived. “She was apologizing to the EMTs,” said witness Eric Nicastro, 27. “It’s unbelievable to fall four floors and be about as good as you could be.”

No worries, lady! You may now return to your regularly scheduled cigarette break (but, no, you can’t bum one). Of course not everyone is so lucky. Now we pause to remember one window smoker who didn’t make it. Lexi Featherstone from the Sex and the City episode “Splat!,” who fell out a window after Candice Bergen refused to let her light up in her apartment. “When did everybody stop smoking?” Lexi demanded. “This used to be the most exciting city in the world, and now it’s nothing but smoking near a fucking open window!” It’s true. Smoking rates are falling all over the city as well and have declined by 20 percent since 2002. However, 18 percent of New Yorkers are still lighting up. Our lucky Lady of the Tar is like a living metaphor for the city’s smoking rates. She’s down, but she’s not out. —Noelle Hancock

Woman falls four stories from midtown building – but lives [NYDN via Gothamist]

Smoker Falls Four Stories, Lives to Destroy Lungs Another Day