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The Ladies of ‘Sex and the City’ Are Old, and Improved!


Photo Courtesy New Line

Today London’s Daily Telegraph has a story about how the women of Sex and the City have been airbrushed to look even younger than they did when the whole show started ten years ago. To which we say, well, duh. They’re more important now! And they’re not (yet) having a bunch of plastic surgery, which is good news. But we do think something that’s worthy of discussion is how much better they look than they did ten years ago. Do you remember season one? When Carrie dyed her hair hooker orange and her boobs were everywhere? And Charlotte’s hair was too flat, and Miranda had that pixie cut that drew too much attention to her teeth? And Samantha! Oh, God, Samantha. She had those bangs! And that stringy long hair. And those roots. It was awful. But it’s one of the best things about the myth of Sex and the City — that the older a woman gets, the more glamorous, beautiful, and sexy she can be. It’s a great American fable — just like how on the show they are constantly drinking fishbowl-size martinis and not throwing up into the ice bucket.

Sex And The City girls show they’ve still got pulling power 10 years on … but have they had a little help from the airbrush? [Daily Telegraph via Jossip]

The Ladies of ‘Sex and the City’ Are Old, and Improved!