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The Mets Get Rickrolled?

The Mets

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The Mets chose a bad time to pick a new theme song, reports Newsday. Voting closed yesterday in an online competition to see what tune would become a new sing-along song at Shea Stadium (today is the home season opener there). Unfortunately, the contest came at a time when a certain online trick was at the peak of its popularity: Rickrolling. Rickrolling is the art of tricking somebody into clicking on an interesting or funny YouTube clip, only for it to turn out to be the music video of Rick Astley’s “Never Gonna Give You Up.” On April Fools’ Day, for example, every single featured video on the YouTube homepage was a Rickroll. As this drags on and on, it gets more and more annoying — and therefore more hilarious. So of course it was only natural that thousands of, and users would get behind the song for the ultimate prank on the Mets. (We should note, though, that we kind of like that song, and wouldn’t be that offended to sing along with it at Shea.) We’ll find out at some point today whether the song emerged victorious. In the meantime, we promise never again to explain why something on the Internet is funny.

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The Mets Get Rickrolled?