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Buyouts Not Enough? ‘Times’ Newsroom Braces for Clearance

• Pink slips will be dolled out at the New York Times. The “Metro” desk is rumored to be taking the brunt of the burden. [NYP]
• So it looks like MSNBC sort of stretched the truth about not inviting The Hills’ Heidi Montag to the White House Correspondents Association dinner. [WWD]

• Bill Miller’s fund has hit a recent cold streak. Is the hero investor worried? Nah. Every time he’s been down, his rebound has been even bigger. [WSJ]
• Ford shocks Wall Street by turning a profit. [NYT]
• Is Microsoft getting sick of fighting with Yahoo? [WSJ]

• Is Brown Harris Stevens anti-children? A couple sues the prestigious real-estate firm over its alleged bias against families with kids. [NYT]
• The hottest thing in private-equity buyouts? Lawsuits. [DealBook/NYT]
• Yesterday it was an e-mail in the Clear Channel case. Today, it’s instant messages in an SEC investigation. Moral of the story: Beware of technology. [WSJ]

• As if we needed further proof that the subprime situation is bad, foreclosures in New York City are up 50 percent. [Curbed]
• Meanwhile, the foreclosure wave has even spread to Greenwich. [NYT]
• Don’t worry, kids, CBGB space owner John Varvatos has punk tastes. [NYT]

Buyouts Not Enough? ‘Times’ Newsroom Braces for Clearance