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There Goes the Schneighborhood

• After owning it for just a few months, Richard Gere has put his apartment in Julian Schnabel’s Palazzo Chupi on the market, meaning that other than Schnabel, the development’s only resident is noncelebrity Credit Suisse exec William J.B. Brady. But hark! Bono has coincidentally sold his apartment in the El Dorado. There’s hope for the Schneighborhood yet. [Curbed, NYO]
• The Queens house that baseball legend Jackie Robinson lived in could get landmark status. [NYDN]
• Speaking of baseball, it’s the beginning of the end over at Shea Stadium. [NYP]

• “Yes, the buyout kings have been reduced to playing in the same sandbox as the rest of us.” [NYT]
• Is the Apollo Group’s Leon Black hanging Linens ‘N Things out to dry? [NYP]
• Morgan Stanley directors are expected to win reelection. [Bloomberg]

• Forget outsourcing to India. CBS might outsource labor to Columbus Circle, as the network talks to CNN about a sharing news-gathering operations. [NYT]
• “Sam Zell has no strategy other than sheer wackiness for getting Tribune Co. out of the hole he’s dug.” [Mixed Media/Portfolio]
• Newspaper buyout deals might not be such a bad thing after all. [Slate]

NBC Universal head honcho Jeff Zucker and the Weinstein Co.’s Harvey Weinstein are getting catty over Project Runway. [WSJ]
• Criminals aren’t just a threat for police officers. Suicide is, too. [NYT]
• The Clinton’s tax guy is a Hogan & Hartson partner. []

There Goes the Schneighborhood