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Time Warner CEO Jeff Bewkes: ‘I Don’t Want to Cry’

Sex and the City Cast

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Last night, the ladies of Sex and the City were reunited, shortly after production ended in Los Angeles on their film. They showed up together at the Point Foundation benefit at Capitale, where Cynthia Nixon was honored with an award, and SATC writer Michael Patrick King served as emcee. We were sitting at the Motorola table right up near the front, so we couldn’t help but notice that Sarah Jessica Parker was sitting at a different table from Kim Cattrall, Cynthia Nixon, and Kristin Davis — but they all seemed very lovey-dovey nonetheless. The Point Foundation gives scholarship to young LGBT students, so King’s monologue was appropriately gay. “I myself went to Catholic school, and most of my time was devoted to imagining burning in the fires of hell,” King cracked. “So grades came secondary.” He went on to randomly imagine at length what it would have been like if there was a gay apostle following Jesus Christ, whose gospel was lost over the years. “Well, Mary came over last night. She still doesn’t get it,” King intoned, in his best diva-disciple voice. “Perhaps if she came too close to a leper, caught it, got closer to her target weight, and then Lord healed it…” Time Warner CEO Jeff Bewkes, who took the stage later, seemed also to have caught the funny bug. “You probably think it’s good to be the CEO of Time Warner Cable. I know there is press here tonight, so I will say it ‘is’ good,” Bewkes deadpanned. “Ironically, when I think about how much better it is than the days at HBO doing Sex and the City and The Sopranos, I ‘don’t’ want to cry.” We bet you don’t, Jeff.

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Time Warner CEO Jeff Bewkes: ‘I Don’t Want to Cry’