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Tinsley Mortimer May Already Be Super Enough


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The angry mob outside the Brooklyn Museum last night — there to protest an award being given to the developer Bruce Ratner —was dressed somberly. But inside, at the gala to celebrate the opening of a retrospective of the work of Takashi Murakami, guests wore a rainbow of colors inspired by the artists’ work. “I thought, I need to wear a lot of color,” said Tinsley Mortimer, who had donned a springlike dress covered in blossoms. “I’m sick of it being freezing,” she pouted. “It’s been teasing me every day. And now it’s freezing again, though it wasn’t the day before.”

Unsurprisingly, the sunny Tinz is a fan of Murakami’s playful work. “I’m obsessed with everything in here,” she said. “I want it all. I like the Japanimation sculptures, those anime creatures come to life. I love Japanimation. I love Sailor Moon. She, like, spins and glows light or something.” Has Tinsley ever inspired an anime character?, we asked. We hear she is big in Japan. And she, um, kind of looks like a cartoon a little bit maybe. “Wow,” she said, her eyes widening. “I’m sure there’s not. But I’d definitely like to have some superpower. Maybe I could snap my fingers and be instantly dressed in a pink poofy dress, and my hair would be automatically curled, since it’s naturally straight. Snap my fingers and my hair would be curled. That’s a great superpower. It might not change the world, but it would help me a lot. The hair takes some time.” —Jada Yuan

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Tinsley Mortimer May Already Be Super Enough