Tricia Walsh Smith Wants You to Buy Her a Tent

A few weeks ago we had the pleasure of meeting Tricia Walsh Smith, the British actress-playwright wife of Shubert Organization president Philip J. Smith. Back in March her husband served her with divorce papers, and she’s freaking out because she signed a prenup and he’s trying to boot her from their fancy Manhattan apartment. She made a YouTube video detailing her plight in a riveting monologue. So dramatic, these theater people! Well, now she’s back with a new video, and she brought more crazy (and tarot cards).

She’s bristling at all the people who criticized her last YouTube appearance, telling her to grow up and go get a job. She claims she can’t get work anymore because her husband is throwing his weight around the theater community to get her blacklisted (Shubert Organization owns seventeen theaters on Broadway). Now she’s persona non grata on the Great White Way.

In New York, if you don’t have money, you’re screwed,” she notes sagely. Today her ex is taking her to court to try to evict her and she’s asking for donations to help her buy a tent.

I am speaking my truth!” she says. “I will continue to speak my truth!” Sing it, soul sister. This is more entertaining than anything on Broadway right now and you don’t have to haul yourself over to Hell’s Kitchen to enjoy it. Trust us: Pass on those tickets to The Little Mermaid tonight, eat dinner at 6 p.m., watch this video, and make Tricia part of your world. —Noelle Hancock

Tricia Walsh Smith Wants You to Buy Her a Tent