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Tricia Walsh-Smith to Move Her Ranting Elsewhere


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Tricia Walsh-Smith must find a new place to shoot her YouTube tell-all videos. The estranged wife of Schubert Organization head Philip Smith has been filming videos from their Park Avenue apartment venting about their divorce. And while a Manhattan judge yesterday ruled that Tricia can continue to post her videos, she must stop filming them in the apartment, which is owned by her 77-year-old ex.

In the first YouTube video, she claimed that the couple never had sex in their nine years of marriage (though, to be fair, did she really want to make it with a 77-year-old-man?). Yet she found Viagra and condoms among his belongings last year! She then called his assistant and explained all this to her, which may have been one of the greatest speakerphone exchanges we’ve seen since Crank Yankers.

In the latest video installment posted over the weekend, Walsh-Smith took issue with her ex’s divorcing her on grounds of cruel and inhuman behavior. “The only cruel behavior I’ve ever done to that man was make him have skim milk in his cappuccino,” she said. She also complained that Smith is trying to boot her from the apartment and asked for donations so that she can buy a tent to live in once she’s evicted. After yesterday’s hearing, Walsh-Smith, 52, told reporters that she was surprised by all the media attention her YouTube videos have received. She added: “If I had stabbed [my husband] to death, I don’t think it would have got as much press as me going online and saying, ‘My husband never bonks me.’”

One can only hope that she starts broadcasting from her new YouTube-viewer-funded tent as soon as possible. If there’s anything that’ll make those eyes look any crazier, it’ll be the glow of a flashlight under enclosed nylon.

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Tricia Walsh-Smith to Move Her Ranting Elsewhere