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Uma Thurman’s Parents Testify Against Her Stalker


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If you want to win a girl’s heart, you start with the dad. Maybe that’s what Uma Thurman’s creepy stalker, Jack Jordan, had in mind when he began sending Robert Thurman e-mail messages at Columbia, where he teaches Indo-Tibetan studies. But approach is everything, and it looks like Jordan chose the wrong one, according to Dr. Thurman’s testimony on the second day of his daughter’s stalker’s trial.

[I]n February 2005, not just alarm bells but “air-raid sirens” went off in Dr. Thurman’s head, he told a jury in State Supreme Court in Manhattan on Tuesday, when he received an e-mail message from Mr. Jordan that declared: “Today the center of my forehead is ticking now and then. I feel in love with your daughter Uma.”

Yeah, that probably wouldn’t be the imagery you want to go with when “courting” someone’s child — one of a ticking time bomb. Meanwhile, it seems that Dr. Thurman and his wife, Birgitte, who also testified, have thoroughly charmed the New York Times.

Ms. Thurman’s parents vividly conveyed that their family was no ordinary one. Dr. Thurman, who has the rugged good looks of a Western movie star, was once a Buddhist monk, and his wife, statuesque and graceful, was a Ford model in the early 1960s. Their testimony suggested that it was in part the allure of their distinctiveness that attracted the intellectual Mr. Jordan, 37, a graduate of the University of Chicago.

Not included in the story is the part where the Times reporter asked the Thurmans for their e-mail addresses and phone numbers. You know, in case she had follow-up questions. About Uma or whatever. —Noelle Hancock

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Uma Thurman’s Parents Testify Against Her Stalker