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Uma Thurman’s Stalker Makes Us Empathize With Her Again

Uma Thurman

Lydia Hearst in ten years Uma Thurman.Photo: Getty Images

Uma Thurman is scheduled to testify any minute now in the trial against her stalker, Jack Jordan. It’s been a long time since we’ve felt like we could relate to Uma in her movies (My Super Ex-Girlfriend? The Producers? Prime?), but this whole thing has us feeling really bad for her. This morning, the Daily News recounted some testimony from others in the trial leading up to today:

A terrified Uma Thurman shook and cried, “Look at this, look at this!” after an alleged stalker tried to force his way into her movie trailer during a SoHo film shoot, her wardrobe assistant told a Manhattan jury Monday. “Her hands were shaking, she was soaked,” Joseph La Corte testified in the stalking-and-harassment trial of lovesick fan Jack Jordan. “She couldn’t sit still. She didn’t want to get dressed.” La Corte said two burly Teamsters prevented Jordan from barging into Thurman’s trailer in November 2005.

The defendant showed up at her house, threatened suicide if she wouldn’t see him, and wrote her postcards that said things like, “My hands should be on your body at all times.” Ew. This has really brought Uma back into the softest spot in our hearts. Where she used to live in the mid-nineties when she filmed Gattaca, The Truth About Cats and Dogs, and Beautiful Girls … What? Shut up, Gattaca was a really good movie, okay?

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Uma Thurman’s Stalker Makes Us Empathize With Her Again