We Admit, We Think It’s Kinda Gross That David Cross Is Dating Amber Tamblyn

David Cross

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David Cross is dating 24-year-old actress Amber Tamblyn and is not trying to hide it. Laurence Fishburne began to cry when he introduced audience members of his play Thurgood to his father, whom he hadn’t spoken to in fifteen years. Nevada brothel owner Dennis Hof thinks that Ashley Dupré took a train to meet Eliot Spitzer in Washington instead of flying because she was carrying with her “handcuffs, cattle prods, drugs … all the stuff you can’t get on a plane.” Derek Jeter refused to sign autographs for some kids in Boston after the Yankees lost to the Red Sox. Uma Thurman made out with her hedge fund manager boyfriend Arky Busson at a party at the Soho Grand.

Joe Simpson is trying to sell exclusive rights to photos of daughter Ashlee Simpson and her baby for $1 million, but one tabloid editor says said pics would only be worth $60,000. The cover of an upcoming book titled Why We Left Islam features an image of the prophet Muhammed, which may piss some people off. Ultimate Fighter Tito Ortiz doesn’t care about fighting anymore now that he’s dating Jenna Jameson. Made of Honor star Michelle Monaghan really did have a male maid of honor at her 2005 wedding. William Shatner writes in a new book that he didn’t realize how loathed he was by the cast of Star Trek until after the show ended. Naomi Campbell claims that British Airways is begging her to fly with them again, but a rep for the airline says this is not the case. Evan Rachel Wood says her boyfriend, Marilyn Manson, shouldn’t be blamed for Columbine. Natasha Bedingfield, a.k.a. the girl who sings the theme song of The Hills, dined with Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag at Kobe Club on Tuesday. Hairdresser Louis Licari is feuding with his former mentor, Pierre Michael, and even offering discounts to clients who left him for Michael. Model May Andersen got confused when no one told her what to do as judge of an ASPCA dog competition, so she just started mugging for the camera. Nightclub Stereo has shuttered its outpost in Southampton but will open a location in East Hampton. Johan Santana hosted a buddy’s birthday party at Sofrito. Someone told Cindy Adams that Olivia Palermo is a “Socialite type. Does zippo for a living. Her guy’s a model.”

We Admit, We Think It’s Kinda Gross That David Cross Is Dating Amber Tamblyn