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Welcome Hooker No. 2 to the Spitzer Scandal


Guess what else I have in my pocket?”Photo: Getty Images

A new prostie has emerged in the Eliot Spitzer sex scandal. Federal investigators unearthed the second hooker after reviewing records, checking out tips, and “following the money,” according to the Post. When we saw the Post headline “’Two on One’ vs. Spitzer,” we were initially anticipating some double-team action. Alas, it was not to be — but all is not lost in this juicy tale!

Second Hooker revealed to investigators that our former gov was fond of using sex toys to enhance his own pleasure. She also elaborated on Spitzer’s sexual fetishes in graphic detail, revealing that he had a penchant for “props.” The prostitute also divulged that Spitzer liked to keep his socks on during sex. No word on whether the socks were kept on out of sheer laziness or if that’s just Eliot’s thing. However, we do know that GOP operative Roger Stone also made this claim in a November letter he sent to the Feds about Spitzer’s hooker habits.

The full portrait of Mr. Spitzer’s sexual interests has yet to be told,” one source told the Post.

Oh boy. More on these graphic details as we receive them. Let’s hope they’ll be better than “socks.” Hats, maybe? Mittens? —Noelle Hancock

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Welcome Hooker No. 2 to the Spitzer Scandal