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What Does Not Kill CNBC Makes It Stronger


Photo: Courtesy of CNBC

There’s one beautiful moment in particular in Fortune’s rollicking and emotional story about CNBC today, in which producer Susan Krakower explains rather passionately that she doesn’t need numbers to know that Fast Money, the show that she created, is up 91 percent in total viewers this year, despite, or perhaps because of, the introduction of Rupert Murdoch’s rival Fox Business Network. “The data tells me that … but that’s data,” she tells the magazine dismissively, her eyes swelling with emotion.

I know because it’s in here.” She brings her index finger to her chest.

She can feel it in her heart, you see? That’s so beautiful. And, you know, it makes total sense because we hear that whenever something good happens to Rupert Murdoch, he only really feels it in his loins.

CNBC Feels Your Pain [Fortune]

What Does Not Kill CNBC Makes It Stronger