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Where in the World Is Matt Lauer’s Mach 5?

Matt Lauer is in Buenos Aires to kick off the Today show’s latest “Where in the World Is Matt Lauer?” series. And he brought his facial hair! Lauer is sporting an unapologetic salt-and-pepper beardstache in this morning’s segment.

I love the scruffy look,” Meredith Vieira tells Lauer. “Very Latin!”*

Oh, get used to that,” he says. “You wait till you see it by Friday.” Now why does that sound like a threat? If we know the Today show, by Friday they’ll have turned this into a spinoff campaign where they distribute 3-D glasses stamped with the phrase “Where in the world is Matt Lauer’s razor?” and when you put them on, his mini-beard will come bursting out of televisions across America so midwestern housewives can mime rubbing their cheeks against his scruff in HD.

In the segment, Lauer starts out riding an orange motorbike and travels down Avenue de Nueva de Julio with a policía escort. Then he stops at a plaza and there’s a weird moment when a woman in an evening gown comes up out of nowhere asking Matt where the nearest cash machine is and a mariachi band kicks up and they launch into brief but fierce tango (we wish we were making this up). ¡We can’t wait to see what the rest of the week holds! —Noelle Hancock

*Oh, and Meredith? You are so not off the hook for that all-Latin-dudes-are-scruffy-layabouts comment.

Where in the World Is Matt Lauer’s Mach 5?