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AIG’s Mess Continues, Right in the Middle of Spring Cleaning

AIG posts $7.8 billion in losses this quarter, dwarfing the $5.8 billion they recorded last quarter (and you thought $5.8 billion was a number that couldn’t be “dwarfed”). The insurance giant will be raising $12.5 billion in capital. [WSJ]
• Vikram Pandit is still engaged in spring cleaning at Citigroup. Sell, sell, sell! [NYT]
• “Shame on you! You lied!” says one Bear employee to his bosses. “And, of course, the loyal employees your glib lies hurt the most are those who earned the least, the Associates.” [DealBreaker]

• Hachette clears out fifteen staffers from its digital organization. And yes, everyone has been using “hatchet” jokes since they started cleaning house. [WWD]
USA Today incorrectly and insanely claims that 30 Rock is declining in quality. A Gawker commenter framed it best by deadpanning: “By contrast, Two and A Half Men just keeps outdoing itself.” [USAT]
• A journalism grad student asks Times assistant managing editor Susan Edgerley whether the decline of the print medium means he’s wasting his time getting a degree. The answer is, unsurprisingly, “yes and no.” [NYT]

• A New Yorker ventured out of the city for one day, and she stepped in poop. Naturally, she is suing. [Above the Law]
• Andrew Cuomo estimates that “hundreds and hundreds” of attorneys will be implicated in his pension-enrollment probe. []
• The Paul Hastings associate who sent the spectacular farewell e-mail to all of her firm last week opens up to the Journal. [Law Blog/WSJ]

• Breaking news: The richer your landlord is, the less he cares about you. [NYT]
• Another $20 million condo gets snapped up at 15 Central Park West. Is it bad we don’t even bat an eye at these anymore? [Real Deal]
• Meet Dormandy South, a building that is upsettingly near our apartment. [Curbed]

AIG’s Mess Continues, Right in the Middle of Spring Cleaning