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Amputee Goat Finds Home With Amputee Owner

Because it just wouldn’t be Thursday if we didn’t have a story about an amputee goat and his matching amputee owner…meet Albie! He is already our favorite goat of all time, because the only thing cuter than a goat is a goat with a prosthesis.

Albie (named after Albert Schweitzer) escaped from a Brooklyn slaughterhouse last summer and was found wandering around Prospect Park. (Going for a jog, possibly? Looking for an ultimate Frisbee game? To have gay, anonymous sex in the bushes?) Brooklyn Animal Care and Control scooped him up and placed him at the Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary run by Jenny Brown, 36, an animal-rights activist who lost part of her right leg to bone cancer at age 10. In December, Albie’s leg was amputated just above the knee due to injuries suffered after being hog-tied at the slaughterhouse. Now Jenny is having the technician who designed her prosthesis make one for Albie.

I’ve been an amputee for most of my life, but I can run a farm, I can wrestle animals, I can carry bales of hay, thanks to modern prosthetics,” Ms. Brown tells the New York Times. “I thought it would be only fair to give Albie the same chance to live a normal life.”

Our hearts? Warmed! —Noelle Hancock

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Amputee Goat Finds Home With Amputee Owner