Amy Sacco Says NYC Nightlife Is ‘Overrated’


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Amy Sacco thinks New York nightlife, including her own contributions, is overrated. John McCain almost flipped out after an aide interrupted him while he was talking to George Rush. Rupert Murdoch expressed enthusiasm over Barack Obama to Arianna Huffington at her book party for Right Is Wrong, though it’s unclear if he’d actually endorse him over McCain. The New Yorker fact-checking department has a tough time with David Sedaris’s work because Amy Sedaris likes playing jokes on them when they call her for verification. Abel Ferrara, the director who made a documentary about the Chelsea Hotel, actually moved into the building during filming. Playboy coined the term “to Spitzer,” which means “to request bareback sex from a call girl.”

Star Jones ex Al Reynolds danced with a “pretty big girl” at Home, while Sean Combs sat in the corner reading a book. Charlie Sheen and Brooke Mueller are asking for donations to an L.A. charity in lieu of gifts at their wedding. Robin Williams is out of rehab. Sarah Jessica Parker’s perfume line will be available on the Home Shopping Network, though the actress won’t be appearing on the network to hawk the scents herself. Leonardo DiCaprio and his mom rode bikes to an art showroom on 57th and Madison. Lindsay Lohan got hysterical and had to be consoled by Lauren Conrad after she got into a fight with girlfriend Sam Ronson at a club in West Hollywood. Real-estate magnate Earle Mack recently endowed a law school at this alma mater, Drexel University. Mischa Barton declared that “it’s important to be healthy, have energy and be sober.”

Amy Sacco Says NYC Nightlife Is ‘Overrated’