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Andrea Peyser — Wait for It — Thinks Someone Is a Bonehead

Chelsea Hotel

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Chelsea: Claiming that new management in the Chelsea Hotel is upping his rent on a new, short lease, the longtime tailor there is closing up shop and moving back to Greece. [Living With Legends]

Chinatown: The area’s still awash in cars with illegitimate parking placards, despite the mayor’s attempt to restrict the free-parking privileges given to government employees. [WNYC via Streetsblog]

Dumbo: Andrea Peyser thinks people here are boneheads for opposing a new condo tower that would include a much-needed public school just because the tower would block views of the Brooklyn Bridge. [NYP]

Fort Greene: Construction of a simple, $5.4 million community center is still not finished after seven years…longer than it took to build the World Trade Center or for Michelangelo to paint the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel! Come on, slowpokes! [NYDN via Gowanus Lounge]
Harlem: A white, female Seattle sports commentator in Carrie Bradshaw heels got stuck here en route to Yankee Stadium, only to realize, happily, that she wouldn’t necessarily lose her life after all. [ via Uptown Flavor]
Kensington: The people gentrifying this Brooklyn hood because they’re priced out of the Slope love its diversity and good schools, but lament the lack of cute cafés. [NYT via Brownstoner]
Upper West Side: Howard Stern sidekick Robin Quivers sold her Staten Island home and bought a $2.4 million condo in a new building on West End Avenue. Meanwhile, early reports that Joy Behar paid $3.5 mil for a new place up here were wrong: She paid $2.5 mil. [NYO]

Andrea Peyser — Wait for It — Thinks Someone Is a Bonehead