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Ashley Dupré Reemerges in Club Land?

According to the blog Good Night Mr. Lewis, a familiar vagina re-appeared in club land last night. That’s right! Ashley Dupré has returned to New York! Eliot Spitzer’s (and New York’s) favorite hooker was spotted celebrating her birthday yesterday evening at Marquee. Explains Steve Lewis,

A handful of normally clueless, clued in club dudes ogled her as she sat very inconspicuously on the back of a banquette waving her arms and partying like a party girl. The worst kept secret in the joint distracted all save a few usually jaded cocktail beauties who ogled a very incognito Colin Farrell, as he chatted up regular joes in the club’s Room 3.

We have calls out to the usual suspects to find out more dish, and Gawker is already offering money for pictures. (You know what might be an easier way to get an exclusive on her, Denton? Offering money for sex with her.) In the meantime, we hate to say it, but with the whole lawsuit thing, the new music manager, and the new publicist, it looks like it’s official: Ashley’s back!

DUM dum dum …

Sixteen Minutes Of Fame [Good Night Mr. Lewis]
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Ashley Dupré Reemerges in Club Land?