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Avenue A’s Most Famous Appendage Perks Up

The Cock Avenue A

Formerly the Cock. Currently a hole.Photo: Jeremiah’s Vanishing New York

Carroll Gardens: The controversial development coming to 340 Court has a classy name: “The Collection at Court Street.” But a collection of what? Of “modest townhomes, maisonettes, duplex and single-floor condominium homes.” Duh, what’d you think it was, an art collection? [Curbed]

East Village: The long-empty southeast corner of 12th and A, formerly the home of filthy gay bar the Cock, sports a cheesy new façade that suggests a restaurant is coming. And that ain’t the only address on this corner that’s rocking new tenants … check out the fortune-teller! [Vanishing NY]

Graniteville: This Staten Island 12-year-old gets harassed by black schoolmates for wearing a Confederate-flag shirt to school but says he wears it only because he’s a Civil War buff. If he were a racist KKKer, he says, he’d have to kill himself, because he’s Jewish. Get that logic? [Gothamist]

Harlem: The artwork of a 17-year-old with Down syndrome is being marketed and sold by his parents for up to $1,200. But the son still wants to open a pizza parlor! [VV]
Jamaica: Club Kalua, where Sean Bell partied the night that police gunned him down, could be torn down as part of a larger plan to redevelop the surrounding area with hotels and housing for workers at the nearby JFK airport. [NYS]
Long Island City: A council member thinks that Con Ed should sell their eleven acres of waterfront land here, valued at $500 mil, and use the profits and property-tax savings to cut customers a break. [NYDN]
Windsor Terrace: The tightly knit neighborhood mourns Kyung-Sook Woo, the beloved owner of the dry-cleaning store. She was murdered in a robbery Friday. [Gowanus Lounge]

Avenue A’s Most Famous Appendage Perks Up