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Bedbugs: A New Reason Not to Camp Out in Union Square

• Public-service announcement: Union Square has turned up positive for bedbugs. [NYS]
• It’s back to the drawing board for the $1.6 billion hospital-expansion proposal within Greenwich Village’s historic district. The original plan was rejected yesterday. [NYT]
• The McKibbin lofts in East Williamsburg are home to more than 300 postcollegiate struggling artists. The vibe is similar to Greenwich Village 60 years ago, Soho 30 years ago, or the East Village in the nineties. And a month’s rent at McKibbin is approximately the cost of one meal at Per Se. [NYT]

• Today in Bear Stearns: The firm’s former chairman, 80-year-old Alan Greenberg, who says he’s in the “noon” of his career, feels terrible about what happened to the bank. But he doesn’t feel so terrible about what happened to Jimmy Cayne. [NYT]
• Things are just not looking good for Swiss banking titan UBS: Amid the fallout from its credit woes, now the firm is facing a tax probe. [DealBook/NYT]
• Here’s a whopper of a news item: TPG, Bain, and Goldman Sachs are selling 15 million shares of Burger King. [Reuters]

• You know that New York Observer illustration of Anna Wintour bouncing a basketball, while glossy chairman S.I. Newshouse Jr. hugs her? Yep, André Leon Talley bought it Jared Kushner bought it for AndréLeon Talley. [WWD]
• Stephen Colbert’s fans Google-bombed the comedian to the top of Google’s search results for “Greatest Living American.” [TWN]
• Renaissance men looking for a new job need look no further than The Wall Street Journal, whose publisher, Robert Thomson, says the broadsheet’s new managing editor needs to be just that. [NYO]

• Paul, Weiss, Rifkind, Wharton & Garrison is planning to lease a portion of the tower on top of the Port Authority bus station. [NYO]
• Did you pass or fail? The New York State bar-exam results are available today. [NYBE]
• Should associates order Champagne at lunch? Answers to this and other stupid questions that associates are afraid to ask are just a click away. []

Bedbugs: A New Reason Not to Camp Out in Union Square