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Big Love in Brooklyn?


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Thank you for being a friend! The Brooklyn Paper has a story today about a group of “co-living enthusiasts,” a bunch of adults who have taken a cue from Golden Girls and decided that living together is more fun or at least less tragic than living alone, and are looking to buy a building together near Prospect Park in which they can create a commune. But not a hippie commune, the residents are quick to point out, a yuppie commune, like an elder version of The Real World. “Take a commune and a condo, put them in a blender and this is what you get,” one resident explains to the paper. Hm. Take a group of plushie enthusiasts and the kind of people who stand around with signs saying “Free Hugs,” more like. Something about a bunch of adults living as roommates seems inherently pervy to us, possibly because we are still scarred from watching The Lifestyle*. But maybe they’ll prove us wrong. In any case, we expect to find out, as we imagine that Lifetime television is offering this group a reality show right around … now.

Wanted: Roommates with money [Brooklyn Paper]

The swing scene. THE SWING SCENE. It haunts us.

Big Love in Brooklyn?