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Bloomberg: Billionaire Beach Bunny?

Bloomberg Vacay

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There’s been a lot of speculation that when Mayor Bloomberg’s term is up, in 2009, he’ll continue advancing his career in public service and will be elected, if not president straightaway, at least governor or king of New York. But not according to the Post! Today, they posit an alternate theory, which is that the minute he is done pushing through his last fruity policy, Hizzoner’s going to kick up his feet with a frosty bevvie and resume being a full-time billionaire. Makes sense to us. Specifically, the Post says, he’s heading to Lyford Cay, in the Bahamas, a community where the only other residents are fabulously wealthy dudes, including Sean Connery, Irish billionaire Sir Tony O’Reilly, Canadian fashion executive Peter Nygard, and financier (and fugitive!) Viktor Kozeny. With them, Bloomberg will live out the rest of his days golfing and no doubt watching Sex and the City reruns until the DVD becomes warped with overuse.

But where will he live?

Lyford Cay

Courtesy of Lyford Cay Sales and Rentals

We chose the Laguna option from the Lyford Cay real-estate office, above, a “resplendent residence” on 2.1 acres of canal-front property surrounded by five guest cottages, each with wraparound verandas. The outdoor space includes a tennis court, a freshwater swimming pool, and a lighted dock perfect for a personal yacht.

Or, we suppose, he could just buy the home of Joseph Lewis, the British businessman who bought a majority share in Bear Stearns a couple months before its collapse. He might be looking to sell these days.

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Bloomberg: Billionaire Beach Bunny?