Bloomberg Knows No One Will Ask Him to Be VP

Mayor Bloomberg

Photo: Getty Images

Michael Bloomberg told Cindy Adams that he’s pretty sure no one is going to ask him to run for VP. Michael Lohan was not thrilled to hear that his ex-wife, Dina, was given a Top Mom award. Former New York Knick and all-around badass Charles Oakley wants to start his own cooking show. Friends of Marc Jacobs are worried that he parties too much in Paris and may end up getting AIDS. (We assume that’s what they mean by “pulling a Halston.” Yikes.) Leonardo DiCaprio biked to Max Brenner’s chocolate shop in Union Square, but left after realizing the wait was more than an hour. The song “We Just Had Sex,” from Broadway musical Passing Strange, was axed from the CBS pre–Tony Awards show because it was seemed too racy. Jay-Z and Beyoncé headed right from the Costume gala at the Met to Pop Burger.

Billionaire alleged sex offender Jeffrey Epstein thought about attending this week’s screening of HBO’s documentary about Roman Polanski before realizing that his attending could be slightly awkward. (One of the women Polanski drugged and raped, then 13, but now 45, actually says she’s forgiven him.) A producer of ABC’s Wife Swap is looking to do a reality show about road rage in the metropolitan area. A rep for Ashlee Simpson attributed the singer’s newfound cleavage to a “great bra,” not the fact that she is likely pregnant. Late Late Show host Craig Ferguson will detail his past as an alcoholic, punk-rock drummer who once tried to kill himself in his forthcoming memoir. Donatella Versace thinks Hillary Clinton should soften her look by wearing dresses instead of pants. Howard Stern sidekick Robin Quivers lost 60 pounds by going vegan and undergoing several detoxes. Contrary to previous “Page Six” reports, scuzzy German businessman Thomas Kramer is not actually an investor in the Quattro opening in the Trump Soho and has a less than a one percent stake in the Quattro in Miami. Anderson Cooper got his passport photo taken at the Kinko’s in Columbus Circle. People kept stealing the food orders of Glenn Close, Christine Baranski, and Bradley Whitford at the launch party for Boeing-Boeing at Nikki Beach Midtown.

Bloomberg Knows No One Will Ask Him to Be VP