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Bloomberg’s Secret Pain

Producers decided the mayor did not have the right look.Photo illustration: Everett Bogue; Photos: WireImage; Courtesy of New Line Cinema

It seems like Mayor Bloomberg has been hurting a little bit lately, and, well, we think we know why. During his speech at the World Science Summit this morning at Columbia University, he suddenly interrupted himself with a non sequitur.

By the way, I was originally supposed to have a part in Sex and the City, but my scene wound up on the cutting-room floor. It turned out that they wanted more sex and less city. That’s fine. Their loss.”

Then he burst into tears and fled the room. Well, no, he didn’t, but practically. And it’s not, as the Times’ City Room blog points out, the first time that the mayor has brought up his removal from the Movie Event of the Year. He’s made the comment before: “I even got a small part in the upcoming Sex and the City movie,” he told Penn students on May 19. “Unfortunately, my scene ended up on the cutting-room floor.” Plus he’s said it at least two other times! Jeez. He’s even more upset than Charlotte was when her wedding-announcement photo turned up with a Hitler mustache. Buck up, Mayor B. Remember what Fergie always says: Big girls don’t cry.

They Wanted More Sex and Less City,’ Mayor Gripes [City Room/NYT]

Bloomberg’s Secret Pain