Broker Stashes Olsen Twins on 13th Street

Jared Seligman

Seriously, dude, that’s like half a private jet.”Photo: Getty Images

Hey, wonder what all of those obnoxious SUVs have been doing on West 13th Street lately? The problem is smaller than you might guess. Turns out the Olsen twins have been living in a five-bedroom triplex on the street. They were placed there by Corcoran wunderkind Jared Seligman, who is also trying to sell their Morton Square apartment. Braden Keil reports that the latter, a shmancy floor-through palace in the Richard Meier (oops) West Side tower has been discounted from $11.9 million to $10.49 million recently. We’re a little surprised Seligman, the young, self-described “broker to the stars” can’t sell the place. Judging from his portfolio, he’s been doing pretty well with smaller properties lately. (Also, judging from his portfolio, you can figure out where the Olsens live. Oops.) This is, after all, a boy who can sell an entire apartment over BlackBerry Messenger. Come on, rich people, you wouldn’t trust that face with $10.49 million?

Jared Seligman [Corcoran]

Broker Stashes Olsen Twins on 13th Street