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Brooklyn Has ‘Real World’ Contestants’ Backs



We thought that the Real World: Brooklyn was going to be a drag, until the recent rumors that the cast would be living not in lofty, bar-filled Williamsburg, as expected, but in an ungentrified, interesting portion of downtown Brooklyn. The Times today seems kind of worried by this possibility— is Willoughby and Flatbush the best place to park a bunch of suburban kids from Middle America?, they ask. After all, there are check-cashing places there, they note, and people selling counterfeit DVDs on the streets and fast food! It’s wild! But, hello, where do they think college kids move when they come to the city? But in, um, reality, the Real World kids have much less to worry about than the average chumps. Not only are they being followed by cameras; it seems a group of ragtag locals has banded together, all gruff and Brooklyn-like, to protect the seven strangers. “I’ll help them out,” Danny Perez, who owns a religious shop selling statues and soaps to ward off evils, tells the Times. “They’ve just got to keep their eyes and ears open,” Adrian Foster, an employee of Petland Discounts, warned. Aw! It’s all so warmhearted and lovely. Until Lisa from Nevada rebuffs Danny Perez’s hot-tub advances and he puts a spell on her that makes her face fall off. This could be the best Real World ever.

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Brooklyn Has ‘Real World’ Contestants’ Backs