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Dan Rather Refiles Suit, Adds Charges

Dan Rather

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Dan Rather has filed new charges against CBS News, after a judge dismissed many of his original ones last month. This time around, Rather says that CBS dubbed him “too hot to handle” and worked to prevent other networks from hiring him. Says The Hollywood Reporter:

In the latest filing, Rather claimed that CNN, ABC, NBC and other networks met to talk about possible employment but that all eventually declined for reasons that included, in the lawsuit’s words, that Rather had “too much baggage.” It said he lost other business opportunities as well. He later signed with HDNet. “Mr. Rather’s exposure is dramatically limited and, accordingly, his reputation and standing in his trade and profession have not recovered from the damage caused by the defendants’ conduct,” the lawsuit said.

Mr. Rather is trying to put forth fraud complaints that the court has already determined to be legally unfounded. We believe he will fail a second time,” CBS blithely replied. “We will file an appropriate motion to dismiss.” Is it weird that we’re kind of starting to root for Rather? As Hillary Clinton has proven over and over again, if you stay in long enough, you’re sure to win something.

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Dan Rather Refiles Suit, Adds Charges