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David Lauren Not Invited to Jenna Bush’s Wedding


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Looks like Lauren Bush is going to be flying solo at cousin Jenna Bush’s wedding this weekend. The Daily News’ “Rush & Molloy” reports that her boyfriend, David (son of Ralph) Lauren, has not been invited to the Saturday nups. But it’s not his habit of wearing socks with Teva sandals that’s keeping him from being invited — though that’s certainly reason enough. No, apparently, there are concerns about his [speaking sotto voce] Jewishness. Lauren’s mother, Sharon, is a devout Christian. “There are religious differences,” a source tells the Daily News. “Would he expect her to convert to Judaism?” Oh, no!

Barbara and former president George H.W. Bush are also said to take issue with the coupling, mainly with the fact that he’s 36 and Lauren’s only 22. “Lauren’s grandparents have concerns about the relationship,” said one source close to the family. “They’re very concerned about his age. They think he’s a little old for her. Also, they’ve been going out for three years. Where’s the ring, David?” No ring, no bring, Dave! —Noelle Hancock

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David Lauren Not Invited to Jenna Bush’s Wedding