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Lindsay Is Too Famous for ‘Living Lohan’


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Dina Lohan has some disappointing news. Her daughter Lindsay won’t be appearing on Living Lohan, the upcoming train wreck of a reality show in which Dina attempts to jump-start the career of Lindsay’s younger sister, Ali. The reason, Dina says, is that she doesn’t want Lindsay to cheapen herself. “Doing reality TV would almost be taking a step backward as far as her career goes,” Dina tells TV Guide’s upcoming issue. We’re sure sparing Linds was totally Dina’s idea — she’s super thoughtful and motherly like that. In fact, she says, that’s why she’s doing the show in the first place! “I just want to get the message across that we are a normal family,” Dina said. “People believe I’m this crazy party mom, [but] I have never partied with Lindsay,” she insists. Of course she hasn’t. Where do those terrible lies even come from? It’s actually just sexist, really. “If another manager goes with their child to a record-release party, it’s not in the papers,” Dina explains. “I’m a female, so I’m targeted.”

DINA LOHAN ON LINDSAY [TV Guide (not online yet)]

Lindsay Is Too Famous for ‘Living Lohan’