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Dina Lohan Receives Top-Mom Award, Despite Evidence to Contrary


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Dina Lohan continues to pop up in our RSS feed, like a tiny, spray-tanned jack-in-the-box. Radar interviewed Lindsay Lohan’s momager as she received a Top Mom award from Long Island’s Mingling Moms organization. The interview started out well, with enjoyable quotes like, “I was just watching Lindsay record a track for her third album a few days ago with Snoop Dogg.” But then Dina started going off about how Lindsay is “misunderstood.” We were going to let it go, but then she added, “And it’s not my place to tell her she’s only allowed to go out and drive with a driver or whatever.” At which point we realized that, in the spirit of parenting, she needed a stern talking-to. So here goes:

Actually, it is exactly your place to tell her that, if only to ensure that another Sunset Boulevard shrub doesn’t give up its life in vain. And as for the whole argument that Lindsay is a big girl now and you can’t tell her what to do, well, that’s straight up cockamamy, Dina. Parents have a lifetime pass to tell their children they’re freaking idiots who need to get their acts together. It’s one of the joys of being a parent. But we understand that it’s hard to tell your kids what to do when you’re on the payroll (conflict-of-interest alert!). That’s why you’re supposed to do your own thing and have your own life going on outside of your child’s. Otherwise, you start living through them, the child becomes a meal ticket, and you stop acting like a parent.

Man, did we really learn nothing from Christopher Culkin? —Noelle Hancock

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Dina Lohan Receives Top-Mom Award, Despite Evidence to Contrary