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Dina Lohan to Receive ‘Top Mom’ Award (No, Really)


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An organization called Mingling Moms has named Dina Lohan one of Long Island’s Top Twenty Moms. Because it’s not every mother who will give up her career to make you a star and hold your drugs for you when you’re out at da clubs. Lindsay Lohan, of course, has had two DUIs and been in rehab so many times that she’s actually a preferred customer now. Mingling Moms defended its decision to honor Dina by admitting that they basically bestowed the title upon anyone living in the area who birthed a famous child.

We’re just honoring celebrities’ moms on Long Island,” a spokesperson from Mingling Moms tells OK! magazine. “It’s something for Mother’s Day. It’s a list of mothers from Long Island who have raised superstar children.”

There will be an official gala tomorrow night at which Mingling Moms will hand out awards and hope that the mothers show up and bring their children. Other L.I. top moms include Carol Baldwin (mom to the Brothers Baldwin ), Roslind Nyman Joel (mother of Billy Joel), Shelley Stevens Hershlag (Natalie Portman’s mom), Rosalie Macchio (Ralph Macchio’s mother), and Patricia Vian (mother of Mariah Carey). Jennifer Lopez, who lives on the island with Marc Anthony will receive the Celebrity Mom of the Year award to thank her for delivering twins Max and Emme at the local North Shore Hospital.

We were dubious of the whole affair until we saw Ralph Macchio’s mom was being recognized. We wholeheartedly support anything of which Ralph is a part, even tangentially. And we secretly hope that she punctuates her acceptance speech by performing a mighty crane kick. Just putting it out there. —Noelle Hancock

Dina Lohan: Mom of the Year? [OK!]

Dina Lohan to Receive ‘Top Mom’ Award (No, Really)