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Eli Manning Reintroduces the Pick-Versus-Scratch Debate


Photo: AP

President Bush honored the New York Giants at the White House yesterday in recognition of their Super Bowl XLII victory. Is that our national hero, Eli Manning, in the background, digging for gold? Or is he simply scratching? Or simply suppressing laughter (no easy feat considering his company). Surely, the Seinfeld fanatic knew he was heading into “Was it a scratch or a pick?” territory when he dared to let Mr. Finger fly so close to the bat cave.

For those of you who like your posts with a little more relevance and a little less booger talk, we also include Bush’s opening remarks, in which he makes reference to his daughter Jenna Bush’s engagement.

First, it’s good to be up here with the Super Bowl MVP, Eli Manning. We have a few things in common. (Applause.) We got some things in common. Eli has a father and a brother in the same business he’s in. (Laughter.) Sometimes the press are skeptical. (Laughter.) And he just survived a big wedding. So I asked him coming in, any advice? He said, I wasn’t father of the bride. (Laughter.)

Also, wait, who is that behind President Bush? Is Graydon Carter a third-string wideout for the New York Giants?—Noelle Hancock

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Eli Manning Reintroduces the Pick-Versus-Scratch Debate