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Ella Disenchanted



Remember that new, mutant Sex and the City tour that was in the news a while back? The one that for a mere $24,000 promised a shopping and dining tour of New York for Sex and the City fans, and that would culminate at the Sex and the City movie premiere, where attendees would have the chance to come bosom to bosom with their favorite stars? Yeah. So, it was basically a total fake. At least according to Ella Sherman, a tragic figure out of Singapore, who paid $19,000 to the company running the tour, Destination on Location, only to be told at the last minute that actually, they didn’t have tickets after all. Ella’s world fell immediately apart. She howled and rent her clothing and called up the tabloids.

It was supposed to be an amazing, once-in-a-lifetime experience,” she told The Post yesterday. “But it’s a fiasco.”

The Post took pity on the poor, disenfranchised former investment banker and current venture capitalist, however, so much so that they pulled a Kurt Eichenwald and used their connections to get her a ticket to Radio City Music Hall. Did Ella collapse in gratitude? Not so much. “It was the after-party that was the big thing for me,” she said glumly. Typical! You give a foreigner a little charity and she turns around and asks for more.

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Ella Disenchanted