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Frank Rich Gets a Gig With the Network That Must Not Be Named

• The Times has allowed Frank Rich to accept a consulting gig at HBO, provided he never mention the network ever. [Deadline Hollywood Daily]
• With all this talk about extinction lately — polar bears, the Lower East Side — it’s comforting to know that those inside the New York Times don’t think that the print edition of the broadsheet is going to be obsolete anytime soon. [Mixed Media/Portfolio]
• Former magazine publisher and famed Michael’s regular Joe Armstrong lunches like it’s his job. Which it basically is. [NYT]

• Federal Reserve chairman Ben Bernanke is turning the faucet off. Signals show that there will be no more flooding the economy with cash for a while. [NYP]
• The head of Citigroup’s flailing Falcon Strategies hedge fund, Reaz Islam, is leaving the company after working at the firm for nearly two decades. [Reuters]
• Meanwhile, Citigroup has quietly started asking private clients to accept a $250 million compensation package in return for dropping legal action against the company due to a troubled fund. [Independent]

• Merrill Lynch is in talks to move its headquarters to one of the new buildings being built on the World Trade Center site. [DealBook/NYT]
• Tour various New York apartments — with Regis! [Live With Regis and Kelly via Curbed]
• The thirteen-story building at 583 Broadway, between Prince and Houston, is crammed full of lions heads, arches, cartouches, Corinthian columns, winged creatures … it’s kind of scary actually. [NYS]

• Mayor Bloomberg is going to take the stand in a federal trial against gun-shop owners. The city’s lawyers hope to prove that the defendant sold guns to out-of-state purchasers and that those guns ended up back in the city. [NYT]
• Ever since Ally McBeal, female lawyers have been portrayed as bitches. Let’s call them Litigatrixes! [NYO]
• Legal secretaries are getting the ax. [WSJ]

Frank Rich Gets a Gig With the Network That Must Not Be Named